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Xiamen(http://xm.visitxm.com/)is "a city at sea, a city with sea". It has sea, islands, hills and city, and everything else that is considered beautiful. The unique combination of Chinese and western elements and the multi- culture have made Xiamen an inclusive city. Xiamen is always here waiting for you to explore.

Here you may stroll to a quiet lane, or take a sunbath on the beach; there are Chinese and western architectures of various features, and natural scenery that will make poets and literary men want to compose poems and prose. What's more, there are authentic traditional snacks of Xiamen style for you to taste and artistic novelty boutiques for you to visit.

Zengcuo' an
In the ancient village with a thousand-year history, each brick forms a painting, each old house implies a history, and each villager represents a fresh memory of Zengcuo’an, and is honored as “China’s most artistic fishing village” by tourists from home and abroad.

Huli Mountain Fortress
Huli Mountain Fortress is a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level. The Fortress currently has a German Krupp cannon. The cannon set the Guinness World Record of "the World's Oldest and Largest Coastal Cannon of the 19th Century Preserved at its Original Location".

Nanputuo Temple
Nanputuo temple which has about 1000 years history. Situated at the foot of Wulao Peak on the southern end of Xiamen is nanputuo Temple. The temple's Heavenly King Hall, the Main Shrine Hall, the Great Compassion Hall and the Shrine of Buddhist Scriptures are all graced with painted brackets.

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