The Sixth International Conference on New Material and Chemical Industry

NMCI 2021

2021.11. 13-15     三亚


NMCI2021 was scheduled to be held in Sanya, China this year. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create so much uncertainty, we made the decision to change the conference into a virtual event. The online conference was divided into 3 sessions: Keynote Speeches, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations, attracted experts and scholars from China, UK, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Japan, attending the conference.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the distinguished keynote speakers, oral speakers, poster presenters as well as all the audiences. In addition, we’d like to give special thanks to Prof. Shixuan Xin from Petro China Company Limited, China presided over the conference.


Conference Schedule
Date Time Program Online Platform
November 13 10:00-17:00 Online Registration VooV Meeting

ID: 985 1403 9065
November 14 09:00-09:10 Opening Ceremony
09:10-10:40 Keynote Speech
10:40-11:40 Oral Presentation
11:40-12:00 Poster Presentation

Keynote Speeches

It was our great honor to have the following impressive keynote speeches during the conference.

NMCI2021 - Prof. Cun-Yue Guo
Speech Title: Conducting Polymers/Carbon Nanotubes Thermoelectric Composites
Prof. Cun-Yue Guo from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

NMCI2021 - Prof. James Ren
Speech Title: Data-led structure analysis and development of mulicomponents complex material systems
Prof. James Ren from Liverpool John Moores University, UK

NMCI2021 - Prof. Tien-Chien Jen
Nano-precision: The Gate Keeper for the Next Generation Thin Film Technology
Prof. Tien-Chien Jen from University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Oral Presentations

Following the keynote speakers, 4 scholars made oral presentations respectively. Speakers and their speeches are shown as below.

Speech Title Speaker Affiliation
Few-layer metamaterials for a spontaneous emission enhancement Ling Li Shenzhen University
High Sulfate-Bearing Kaolin Clay Stabilization with Waste Glass Powder before and after Mellowing Process Aizhan Kissambinova Nazarbayev University
Oxidizing pyrolysis of Huadian oil shale and its product distribution Shaotao Xu Jilin University
Evolution of the organic components and porous structure of Nong’an oil shale lump via Sub-critical Water Extraction Jingjing Gu Jilin University

Poster Presentations

Seven poster presentations came after oral presentations. Below is a brief list of presenters and their poster titles.

Presentation Title Presenter Affiliation
Hydroxy-Functionalized PAMAM Dendrimer as a CO2 -Selective Molecular Gate for CO2 Membrane Separation Shuhong Duan Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE), Japan
Reversible Photo-responsive Gel–sol Transitions of Robust Organogels Based on an Azobenzene-containing Main-chain Liquid Crystalline Polymer Jing Wang Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Effect of Linear Crack Size and Location Relationship to Piston Stress and Damage Tolerance Jinjun Tang NingboTech University, China
Oxygen electrochemical production from air by high performance anion exchange membrane electrode assemble devices Boyuan Tian Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co., Ltd., China
Improving the conductivity and oxygen evolution performance of Iridium-Strontium Titanate electrocatalyst by Niobium doping Jiayao Deng Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co., Ltd., China
Classification investigation for the data of time-dependent springback of various metals Shuai Sun North China University of Technology, China
Analysis of the metallic intermediate band in Cr-doped AgGaS2 semiconductor for the photovoltaic application Wenhao Peng Shanghai Dianji University, China

This conference has made a big success because of the support and assistance from all attendees. We are expecting more and more experts and scholars from around the world to join us next year!


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