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Sanya, located in the southernmost part of Hainan Island, is a tropical coastal tourist city in south of China, which has the best air quality and the most longevity area (the average life expectancy of 80 years old). Sanya has a nickname Lucheng, and also known as the "Oriental Hawaii", is the head of the four first tier tourist city "San Wei Hang Xia" of china, it has the most beautiful coastal scenery of Hainan Island. Sanya is renowned for its beautiful scenery, sun-drenched soft beaches, long history, diversitied culture and religions, and visa free to 26 countries.

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Sanya is known as "Sunshine City" because of its superior in geography climate and natural resources, which has special tropical scenes as well as its attractive nature. Sanya's tourist resources are richly endowed by nature, not only special in China, but also rare in the world. There has the Yalong Bay, the Tianyahaijiao, the Nanshan Tourism Zone of Buddhism Culture, the Wuzhizhou Island, the Luhuitou Peak Garden, the Sanya Bay, the Dadonghai Bay and many other famous spots. Besides these, there remain the ancient Yazhou City and relics and a sculpture of the Monk Jianzhen of the Tang Dynasty.

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