Latest accepted papers (Update time: September 10, 2018)
NMCI26023: Development of citrus peel ethanolic……
Wei Weicheng, Huang Lili, Yang kangkang and Zhang Qing, Yu Xiaozhang
NMCI27080: Numerical simulation of fouling deposition in……
Y Y Zheng, Y J Ye, C Y Xie, K Zheng and Y P Yu
NMCI21047: Fractionation and hydrolysis of proteins……
Bychkov A. L., Gavrilova K. V., Bychkova E. S., Akimenko Z. A., Chernonosov A.A., Kalambet Yu. A. and Lomovskii O. I.
NMCI23030: Revisiting the thermal recrystallization of……
Podgorbunskikh E M, Bychkov A L, Bulina N V and Lomovsky O I
NMCI23033: Study on surface modified basalt fiber reinforced……
G Y Gong, J C Liang, and K F Yu
NMCI25535: Response surface modeling and Optimizing conditions for……
Tri Nhut Pham, Bui Phuc Tran, Thien Hien Tran, Duy Chinh Nguyen, Thuong Nhan Phu Nguyen, Thanh Quang Nguyen, Dai Viet Nguyen Vo, Nhan Thi Hong Le, Xuan Tien Le, Duy Trinh Nguyen, Long Giang Bach
NMCI22342: Simulations of Electrical Properties of ……
F L Kuang, Z Li, Z L Long and M W Liu
NMCI28388: Estimates of cooling effect and energy savings for……
Qu J, Guan S, Qin J, Zhang W, Li Y and Zhang T
NMCI27181: Design and Application of a Reflective……
H S Hou, X J Gao, L Zhu, P Xie and C B Zhang
NMCI21205: Bi-functional Meta-material for Vortex Beam……
Wenlong Guo, Guangming Wang, Kaiyue Liu, Yaqiang Zhuang, Yuzhou Ran
NMCI21287: Green technology to optimize the extraction process of……
Thien Hien Tran, Phu Thuong Nhan Nguyen, Tri Nhut Pham, Duy Chinh Nguyen, Tan Phat Dao, Duy Trinh Nguyen, Nguyen Dai Hai, Dai-Viet N. Vo, Xuan Tien Le, Nhan Thi Hong Le, Long Giang Bach
NMCI28594: A novel transparent metasurface for polarization-reconfigurable……
Kaiyue Liu, Guangming Wang, Wenlong Guo
NMCI21494: Theoretical Study on the Aggregation of ……
Yu-hong Zhu, Bao-xing Li, Chen-xi Lu, Hong-ying Mao, Xu-xin Yang, Chao-Yang Li, Wang-feng Ding, Gao-xiang Ye
NMCI22094: Research on some factors affecting extraction of……
Quang Huu Tran, Trang Quynh Pham, Hien Thi Vu, Duy Xuan Le, Oanh Thi Tran, Anh Quoc Ngo, Trinh Duy Nguyen, Bich Thi Hoang, Sy Trung Do
NMCI25024: Pavement aggregate gradation……
C Geng, M Jia, B Z Shan, J G Li, W Jiang
NMCI26385: Analysis of gradation variability of……
C Geng, J G Li, T H Wang, M Jia and W Jiang
NMCI29547: Analysis of material removal characteristic of……
Wen Qiang Peng, Shao Hui Yin, Xion Deng and Qing Yu Li
NMCI25174: 1D N-type SnO2 Nanofibers Coexisted with……
Wei Tang, Xue-Jian Du, Jing Yu, Qian-Qian Sun
NMCI24316: Compatibility test of a complex film in……
Liu Jintao, Chen Lei, Li Wen, Liang Hongyi and Liu Zhenxing
NMCI21609: Research on the chance of increasing the wear resistance of……
Mei Shunqi, Guryev A M, Ivanov S G, Lygdenov B D, Tsydypov B S, He Xiao Zhong and Liang Qinyang
NMCI25869: Heavy oil upgrading using magnetic molybdenum……
Ni Shan, Bi Qinling, Yang Liangrong, Xing Huifang, Zhu Xiangyang1, Wang Luhai, E Yuheng and Liu Huizhou
NMCI21870: Physical Chemical Properties and BCR Speciation……
Jiao Ma, Huabin Xiong, Jinting Gao and Yuntao Gao
NMCI23452: Research on the charge transportation mechanism of……
Li Lin, Chen Meng-Yang and Yu Bo-wen
NMCI29936: Magnetic seeds assisted iron recovery from the zinc neutral……
Chun Zhang, Aihe Wang, Yumei Deng, Hao Li
NMCI24621: Effect of air addition on the catalytic performance of……
Z H Ma, J Wang, S Li, A J Jiang, J Li, C H An and L Y Sun
NMCI28939: UV-enhanced NO2 gas sensor based on electrospinning……
X X Fan, Y J Xu, W M He, X Huang and X L He
NMCI24565: Superior Mechanical and Thermal properties of……
Xiao Zhang and Jian Zheng
NMCI27793: Application of compound viscosity reducer for……
X L Gao, C F Wang, J Z Feng, L F Liu, L B Yue, Q Sun, L Q Xue, W N Ma, H Wang, N Su and G Y Liu
NMCI24677: 1×3 beam splitters based on multimode interference……
X X Shen, Y Z Ren
NMCI27925: Research on the Synergy of SF6/N2 Mixture Gas……
Yue Wang, Jianquan Liang, Chunlai Yu, Lin Li, Hongda Zhang and Guoxing Li
NMCI28339: Application research of new energy-saving……
Wei Cui
NMCI27973: Synthetic Routes to Flame Retardant Isocyanurate……
Rui Kuang, Faye Zang, Aiqin Zhang and Hui Xie
NMCI26295: Optimisation of Chemically Deposited Palladium Sulphide……
P E Agbo and P A Nwofe
NMCI27073: Investigation of the microstructure of diffusion coatings of……
A.M. Guriev, S.G. Ivanov, M.A. Guriev, E.V. Chernykh, Mei Shunqi
NMCI21172: Grey relational evaluation on performance and mechanism of polyacrylonitrile fiber reinforced asphalt mixture
Z H Lyu, A Q Shen, D S Li, Y C Guo and X Qin
NMCI21280: Simple synthesis and characterization of cobalt ferrites on expanded graphite by the direct sol-gel chemistry for removal of oil leakage (fuel oil, diesel oil and crude oil)
Pham Van Thinh, Nguyen Thi Thuong, Bui Thi Phuong Quynh, Nguyen Manh Tuong, Nguyen Duy Trinh, Bach Long Giang
NMCI23438: Direct leaching of rare earth elements and uranium from phosphate rocks
Nahhar Al Khaledi, Mohamed Taha, Ahmed Hussein, El-Sayed Hussein, Adil El Yahyaoui, Nils Haneklaus
NMCI28781: Structure and Raman spectrum of polycrystalline film of the phosphor Cd(1-x)Zn(x)S:Cu,Ag on Si/(3C-SiC) substrate
N M Sergeeva, S P Bogdanov and A V Redkov
NMCI23990: Study on adsorption of lead by biochar prepared from sludge of Municipal Wastewater treatment Plant
Wang Lei, Tontong Li, Ningqing Lv, Hui Liu, Ying Zhang, Beidou Xi
NMCI24267: Quantitative Accuracy Comparison of Component Determination of Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine through Peak Height and Area
Wu Yi, Xu Zelong, Wang Ying, Qi Jing, Huang Xiyun, Tong Wei
NMCI24576: Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Graphene Oxide-Decorated Cobalt, Manganese and Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles Prepared By Polymerized Route
Thuan Van Tran, Uyen Tran Tu Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Thuong, Bich Ngoc Hoang, Hien Thien Tran, Nhan Phu Thuong Nguyen, Van Thi Thanh Ho, Nguyen Manh Tuong, Long Giang Bach, Trinh Duy Nguyen
NMCI24635: The design of a graphene-based wideband tunable metamaterial absorber in THz regime
The design of a graphene-based wideband tunable metamaterial absorber in THz regime
NMCI25157: Crack propagation in NiCoCrAl/YSZ multilayer film produced by EB-PVD in crack arrester orientation
Guodong Shi, Hengli Wang, Zhanjun Wu and Junhan Wang
NMCI25566: Study of laccase enzyme (LE) immobilized zinc ferrite nanoparticle (ZFN) catalyst for decolorization of Direct Green 6 dye
Reza alizadeh, Behnoush Khoshmanesh, Sanaz Khorami Pour
NMCI26011: Numerical simulation of erosion for solid-liquid two-phase flow in u-tube
Y Y Zheng, Y J Ye, C Y Xie, K Zheng and Y P Yu
NMCI26135: Using Soft Computing Approaches for Orange (Citrus nobilis Lour. var. nobilis) Oils Extraction Process
Thien Hien Tran, Phu Thuong Nhan Nguyen, Van Thi Thanh Ho, Le Thi Hong Nhan, Long Giang Bach, Nguyen Duy Trinh
NMCI26313: Research on Evaluation Method of Soil Corrosive Property to Grounding Grid in Transformer Substation
Guoxing Li, Yue Wang, Yanling Guan, Lin Li and Ziqiu Jiang
NMCI26356: The effect of heat treatment on the properties of SiCf/SiC composites prepared with different SiC fibres
Yuxin Chai, Huayu Zhang, Xingui Zhou and Yumin Zhang
NMCI28525: Pure zeolite X synthesized from coal fly ash by pretreatment with solid alkali and using seed crystal
Ningqing Lv, Tinggao Zhou, Hui Liu1,2, Tontong Li, Ying Zhang, Ying Zhao, Jiawen Sun, Beidou Xi
NMCI29885: Advanced materials for additive manufacturing
Wang Y, Liu S Y, and Meng J S
Submission Due: October 30, 2018
Meeting Time: November 17-19, 2018

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