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The Second International Conference on New Material and Chemical Industry (NMCI2017) will be held in Sanya, China during November 18-20,2017. Scholars and researchers all over the word are welcomed to gathered in Sanya to discuss the development of science and technology in the areas of new type information material, superconducting materials, organic chemical industry, inorganic chemical industry and other related fields.

The proceedings of NMCI2016 were published online, please download it from:
Latest accepted papers (Update time: August 15th, 2017)
NMCI14645: Fe-doped ZnO synthesized by parallel flow precipitation process for improving photocatalytic activity
Qingming Meng, Qilin Lu, Lixia Wang, Jian Wang
Abstract: ZnO and Fe-doped ZnO photocatalysts with different molar ratio of Fe/Zn (0.25%, 0.50%, 0.75% and 1.0%) were synthesized by a parallel flow precipitation method…

NMCI14415: The design of wideband metamaterial absorber at E band based on defect
L S Wang, D Y Xia, X Y Ding and Y Wang
Abstract: A kind of wideband metamaterial absorber at E band is designed in this paper; it is composed of round metal cells with defect, dielectric substrate and metal film…

NMCI14419: Synthesis and microwave absorbing properties of Cobalt ferrite
Hongyan Liu, Yushan Li
Abstract: Cobalt ferrite power CoFe2O4 was synthesized through the chemical co-precipitation method. The structure, morphology and microwave absorbing properties were studied by…

NMCI19824: Investigation on the Room-temperature preparation of Cobalt hybrid/Graphene Nanocomposite and application in wastewater purification: Highly Efficient Removal of Congo Red
Lixia Wang, Yufeng Zhao and Qingming Meng
Abstract: Here, we are going to report a simple, low-cost and environmental friendly process to prepare the cobalt hybrid/graphene (Co/G) nanocomposite at room temperature. NaBH4 was used as the reducing agent…

NMCI11815: Study on the Effect of Polymeric Rheology Modifier on the Rheological Properties of Oil-Based Drilling Fluids
C Ma, L Li, Y P Yang, W W Hao, Q Zhang and J Lv
Abstract: A new type of polymeric rheology modifier was synthesized by suspension polymerization, and the effect of rheology modifier on the rheological properties of oil-based drilling fluids was investigated…

NMCI12782: Measurement and Correlation of the Solubility of Gossypol Acetic acid and Gossypol Acetic acid of optical activity in Different Solvents
BO Zhang, Hui Tang, Xinyu Liu, Xin Zhai and XinCheng Yao
Abstract: The equilibrium method was used to measure the solubility of gossypol acetic acid and gossypol acetic acid of optical activity in isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, acetic acid and ethyl acetate at temperature from 288.15 to 315.15…

NMCI17936: Magnetic effect on oxide-scale growth of Fe-5Cr alloy
C H Zhou1, X W Li, S H Wang and H.T. Ma
Abstract: The oxidation behaviour of Fe-5Cr alloy was investigated at 650℃ in the presence of magnetic field. Results indicated that the oxide scales were both consisted of an outer Fe-oxide scale…

NMCI17455: Comparison of sound absorbing performances of copper foam and iron foam with the same parameters
Xiaocui Yang, Xinmin Shen, Pengjin Xu, Xiaonan Zhang, Panfeng Bai, Kang Peng, Qin Yin, Dong Wang
Abstract: Sound absorbing performances of the copper foam and the iron foam with the same parameters were investigated by the AWA6128A detector according to standing wave method. Two modes were investigated…

NMCI13746: Infiltration sintering properties of Ni-4B-4Si(wt.%) alloy powders
Qing Yang, Xuchen Zhang, Fenling Wang, Juntao Zou
Abstract: The Ni-4B-4Si(wt.%) alloy powders were infiltrated into the nickel skeletons, the effects of sintering temperatures (1050-1150 °C) and skeletons (loose and compact nickel powders) on the…

NMCI19240: Experimental exploration of the hydrodynamic effect polishing machinability for different types of material
Wenqiang Peng, Yuan Li, Zhuo Wang and Shengyi Li
Abstract: Hydrodynamic effect polishing (HEP), in which the material removal relies on the chemisorption between nanoparticles and the workpiece surface in elastic mode, can realize automatic…

NMCI16127: Synthesis of nanoparticle emulsion collector HNP and its application in microfine chalcopyrite flotation
Gui-chun He, Jun Ding, Chao-jun Huang and Qian Kang
Abstract: Hydrophobic polystyrene nanoparticles bearing thiazole groups named HNP were used as collectors to improve recovery of microfine chalcopyrite in flotation…

NMCI19163: Study on the Temperature Field of Large-sized sapphire Single Crystal Furnace
J. P. Zhaia, J. W. Jiangb, K. G. Liuc, X. B. Pengc, D. L. Jiana and I. L. Li
Abstract: In this paper, the temperature field of large-sized (120kg, 200kg and 300kg grade) sapphire single crystal furnace was simulated. By keeping the crucible diameter ratio and the insulation system unchanged…

NMCI13582: Thermodynamic calculation study on phase structures of Pt-Ir-M(Y, Zr, Mo)
Saibei Wang, Jialin Chen, Yong Sun, Song Wang, Song Chen, Manmen Liu,Yongtai Chen, ,Jieqiong Hu, Jiming Zhang, Youcai Yang, Aikun Li and Ming Xie
Abstract: The energy and electronic structure of the solid solutions of Pt-Ir-M (M=Mo, Y, Zr) alloy systems were investigated using the first-principle pseudo-potential plane-wave method. The results show that…

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Call for paper
The topic of the paper submitted to this conference is including but not limited to:
New Material
Information material
Energy materials
Biological material
Automotive materials
Nano materials and technology
Superconducting materials and technology
Rare earth material
New steel material
New non-ferrous metal alloy
New building materials
New chemical material
Ecological environment material
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Chemical Industry
Synthetic fiber
Dyestuff industry
Synthetic detergent
Rare element
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Submission due: October 25, 2017
Meeting Time: November 18-20, 2017

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