The Sixth International Conference on New Material and Chemical Industry

NMCI 2021

November 13-15, 2021     Sanya China

Latest Accepted Papers (Update time: September 9, 2021)
NMCI66266: Effect of neutron irradiation on the critical event...
Fan Yang, Rongjian Pan, Zhen Wang, et al
NMCI61011: Graphene quantum dots constructing hierarchically conductivity porous...
Wenhui Tian
NMCI64748: Analysis of the metallic intermediate band in Cr-doped...
Wenhao Peng, Binbin Li , Kaixuan Shi, et al
NMCI68074: A Disposable Modified Graphite Paste Electrode for Detection...
Xiangyu Zhang, Fang Zheng, Ronghui Yuan, et al
NMCI67402: Fabrication of C-doped TiO2 Nanosphere for BTEX Degradation...
Xiaodong Wu, Naifei Zhong, Qiuxiang Liu, et al
NMCI66430: Hydroxy-Functionalized PAMAM Dendrimer as a CO2 -Selective Molecular Gate for CO2 Membrane Separation
S Duan, F A Chowdhury, T Kai, and S. Kazama
NMCI66714: Ethyl cellulose/SiO2 composite microencapsulated red phosphorus: an efficient flame retardant for epoxy resin
Chen Cheng, Yanling Lu and Shiguo Du
NMCI65533: Properties of modified nano black carbon and its effects...
Yuzhen Liu, Jiemin Cheng
NMCI61526: A Novel Aromatic Disulfide-Mediated Self-Healable Hydroxyl-terminated...
Yahao Liu, Jian Zheng, Xiao Zhang, et al.
NMCI69569: Effect of explosive shock on the mechanical property and energy...
Yuan He, Tao Xu, Yong He, et al.
NMCI68949: Influence and Modeling of Loading Frequency on Dynamic...
Yongqiang Du, Jian Zheng and Yahao Liu
NMCI66545:Damage performance of a shaped charge liner fabricated...
Chuanting Wang, Xuebing Hu, Yong He, et al.
NMCI65558: Effect of particle size on initial reaction temperature...
Yanbo Xie, Yansong Yang, Chuanting Wang, et al.


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