Latest accepted papers (Update time: August 15th, 2017)
NMCI14645: Fe-doped ZnO synthesized by parallel flow precipitation process for improving photocatalytic activity
Qingming Meng, Qilin Lu, Lixia Wang, Jian Wang
Abstract: ZnO and Fe-doped ZnO photocatalysts with different molar ratio of Fe/Zn (0.25%, 0.50%, 0.75% and 1.0%) were synthesized by a parallel flow precipitation method…

NMCI14415: The design of wideband metamaterial absorber at E band based on defect
L S Wang, D Y Xia, X Y Ding and Y Wang
Abstract: A kind of wideband metamaterial absorber at E band is designed in this paper; it is composed of round metal cells with defect, dielectric substrate and metal film…

NMCI14419: Synthesis and microwave absorbing properties of Cobalt ferrite
Hongyan Liu, Yushan Li
Abstract: Cobalt ferrite power CoFe2O4 was synthesized through the chemical co-precipitation method. The structure, morphology and microwave absorbing properties were studied by…

NMCI19824: Investigation on the Room-temperature preparation of Cobalt hybrid/Graphene Nanocomposite and application in wastewater purification: Highly Efficient Removal of Congo Red
Lixia Wang, Yufeng Zhao and Qingming Meng
Abstract: Here, we are going to report a simple, low-cost and environmental friendly process to prepare the cobalt hybrid/graphene (Co/G) nanocomposite at room temperature. NaBH4 was used as the reducing agent…

NMCI11815: Study on the Effect of Polymeric Rheology Modifier on the Rheological Properties of Oil-Based Drilling Fluids
C Ma, L Li, Y P Yang, W W Hao, Q Zhang and J Lv
Abstract: A new type of polymeric rheology modifier was synthesized by suspension polymerization, and the effect of rheology modifier on the rheological properties of oil-based drilling fluids was investigated…

NMCI12782: Measurement and Correlation of the Solubility of Gossypol Acetic acid and Gossypol Acetic acid of optical activity in Different Solvents
BO Zhang, Hui Tang, Xinyu Liu, Xin Zhai and XinCheng Yao
Abstract: The equilibrium method was used to measure the solubility of gossypol acetic acid and gossypol acetic acid of optical activity in isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, acetic acid and ethyl acetate at temperature from 288.15 to 315.15…

NMCI17936: Magnetic effect on oxide-scale growth of Fe-5Cr alloy
C H Zhou1, X W Li, S H Wang and H.T. Ma
Abstract: The oxidation behaviour of Fe-5Cr alloy was investigated at 650℃ in the presence of magnetic field. Results indicated that the oxide scales were both consisted of an outer Fe-oxide scale…

NMCI17455: Comparison of sound absorbing performances of copper foam and iron foam with the same parameters
Xiaocui Yang, Xinmin Shen, Pengjin Xu, Xiaonan Zhang, Panfeng Bai, Kang Peng, Qin Yin, Dong Wang
Abstract: Sound absorbing performances of the copper foam and the iron foam with the same parameters were investigated by the AWA6128A detector according to standing wave method. Two modes were investigated…

NMCI13746: Infiltration sintering properties of Ni-4B-4Si(wt.%) alloy powders
Qing Yang, Xuchen Zhang, Fenling Wang, Juntao Zou
Abstract: The Ni-4B-4Si(wt.%) alloy powders were infiltrated into the nickel skeletons, the effects of sintering temperatures (1050-1150 °C) and skeletons (loose and compact nickel powders) on the…

NMCI19240: Experimental exploration of the hydrodynamic effect polishing machinability for different types of material
Wenqiang Peng, Yuan Li, Zhuo Wang and Shengyi Li
Abstract: Hydrodynamic effect polishing (HEP), in which the material removal relies on the chemisorption between nanoparticles and the workpiece surface in elastic mode, can realize automatic…

NMCI16127: Synthesis of nanoparticle emulsion collector HNP and its application in microfine chalcopyrite flotation
Gui-chun He, Jun Ding, Chao-jun Huang and Qian Kang
Abstract: Hydrophobic polystyrene nanoparticles bearing thiazole groups named HNP were used as collectors to improve recovery of microfine chalcopyrite in flotation…

NMCI19163: Study on the Temperature Field of Large-sized sapphire Single Crystal Furnace
J. P. Zhaia, J. W. Jiangb, K. G. Liuc, X. B. Pengc, D. L. Jiana and I. L. Li
Abstract: In this paper, the temperature field of large-sized (120kg, 200kg and 300kg grade) sapphire single crystal furnace was simulated. By keeping the crucible diameter ratio and the insulation system unchanged…

NMCI13582: Thermodynamic calculation study on phase structures of Pt-Ir-M(Y, Zr, Mo)
Saibei Wang, Jialin Chen, Yong Sun, Song Wang, Song Chen, Manmen Liu,Yongtai Chen, ,Jieqiong Hu, Jiming Zhang, Youcai Yang, Aikun Li and Ming Xie
Abstract: The energy and electronic structure of the solid solutions of Pt-Ir-M (M=Mo, Y, Zr) alloy systems were investigated using the first-principle pseudo-potential plane-wave method. The results show that…

NMCI16175: The Influence of Fine Aggregates on the 3D Printing Performance
Jiachao Lin, Xiong Wu, Wen Yang, Rixu Zhao,Lige Qiao
Abstract: Influences of nature Particle, size, grain shape and fineness modulus of fine aggregates on the 3D printing performance of cement-based mortar were investigated. Results showed that…

NMCI15624: Application of P.O and R-SAC mortar for 3D printing in Construction
Jiachao Lin, Xiong Wu, Wen Yang, Rixu Zhao, Lige Qiao
Abstract: Compared with traditional properties of building materials, 3D printing materials should have controllable setting time, appropriate workability and superior mechanical properties…

NMCI15535: The effect of neodymium on the elimination of crater structures generated on the Al-17.5Si alloy surface with high current pulsed beam treatment
J D He, B Gao, N Xu, G L Zhu, C Liu, Y W Zhou and G F Tu
Abstract: In the present work, elimination of crater structures formed on the Al-17.5 Si alloy surface after HCPEB irradiation was investigated due to the existence of neodymium. SEM analysis results indicated that…

NMCI16093: Numerical Analysis of Temperature Field in the High Speed Rotary Dry-Milling Process
Nanxing Wu, Zengyi Zhao and Dahai Liao
Abstract: For the effect of the temperature field in the ceramic dry granulation. Based on the Euler-Euler mathematical model, at the same time, made ceramic dry granulation experiment equipment more simplify…

NMCI15471: Dependance of naphthenic acid corrosion of SA106B on temperature and turbulence
Yafei Shi, Qiankun Zheng, Ju Liu, Libin Zhang, Ziwei Pan and Sixian Rao
Abstract: Analysis about the kinetic mechanism of Naphthenic Acid Corrosion (NAC) indicated that the natural logarithm of corrosion rate (lnr) was proportional to negative reciprocal of temperature(-1/T,K)…

NMCI15667: Use B-spline interpolation fitting baseline for low concentration 2,6-di-tertbutyl p-cresol determination in jet fuels by differential pulse voltammetry
Dongsheng Wen, Hao Wen, Yonggang Shi, Bin Su, Zicun Li and Guozhi Fan
Abstract: The B-spline interpolation fitting baseline in electrochemical analysis by differential pulse voltammetry was established for determining the lower concentration 2,6-di-tert-butyl p-cresol(BHT) in Jet Fuel that…

NMCI15679: SRT research of the crystal defects on the TGT synthesized diamond doped with boron and phosphorus
W L Yu, X P Jia, Q X Yuan and W X Huang
Abstract: Crystal defects of two synthesized diamonds doped with boron and phosphorus are compared by synchrotron radiation topography (SRT). The crystal defects in the specimen are mainly dislocations…

NMCI13282: Optimization of Preparation of NDV F Gene Encapsulated in N-2-HACC-CMC Nanoparticles
Shanshan Li, Yang Zhang, Kai Zhao, Xiaohua Wang
Abstract: In this study, the biodegradable materials N-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride chitosan (N-2-HACC) and N, O-carboxymethyl chitosan (CMC) are used as delivery carrier for the pVAXⅠ-F(o)-C3d6…

NMCI19893: Design of transmissive lens with nearly 100% efficiency by using Huygens metasurface
B C Lin, G M Wang, T Cai, H S Hou, W L Guo, P Xie, S Y Shuai, Z H Liao, K Li, L Zhu and X J Gao
Abstract: We proposed a high-efficiency meta-surface with a parabolic phase distribution that can focus a plane wave to a point image in transmission geometry. For realizing the predicted effects…

NMCI17648: Fabrication of graphene/polydopamine/copper foam composite material and its application as supercapacitor electrode
Yu Zheng, Shixiang Lu, Wenguo Xu, Ge He, Yuanyuan Cheng, Tianlong Yu, Yan Zhang
Abstract: In this work, a composite electrode was fabricated by chemical deposition of polydopamine (PDA) and graphene oxide (GO) on the copper foam (CF) surface, followed by annealing treatment…

NMCI16423: Preparation of Ag superhydrophobic surface on metal substrates
Jingyan Li, Shixiang Lu, Wenguo Xu, Yaqiong Duan, Xiaochan Yang, Yuanyuan Cheng, Ge He, Shuo Cui
Abstract: In this work, the facile approaches are developed for preparation the Ag superhydrophobic surfaces (SHSs) on zinc (Zn), copper (Cu) and aluminium (Al) substrates. The water contact angles (WCAs) of…

NMCI11029: One-step preparing magnesium hydroxide particles from mother liquor of salt production
H Guo, C S Peng, Z W Ding, H T Yuan, K Yang
Abstract: In this study, MH particles were prepared from mother liquor of salt production in one-step through employing ammonia gas as precipitant and stearic acid as dispersant respectively…

NMCI16726: Explosive performance of HMX/NTO co-crystal
J C Li, Q J Jiao, Y G GONG, Y Y Wang, T Liang and J SUN
Abstract: A new co-crystal explosive of 1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7-tetrazocane (HMX) and 3-nitro-1, 2, 4-triazol-5-one (NTO) in a molar ratio of 1:1 has been prepared by solvent/anti-solvent method…

NMCI15562: The synthesis and characterization of p(nBA-DEAEMA) polymer
Xue-Mei JIANG1, Jian ZHU, Yi-Yuan DUAN
Abstract: In this paper, the polymer of p (nBA-DEAEMA) was polymerized and characterized. The structure of copolymer was characterized by FT-IR and 1HNMR, and the analysis of particle size…

NMCI16447: The research of penetration testing in the FRP pipe applications
Xin Mingliang, Chen Yong, Li Maodong, Wang Zhigang, Gu Guanhua
Abstract: In this paper, for the first time will be introduced to the penetrant metal nondestructive testing technology in FRP pipe non-destructive testing, glass fiber reinforced plastic…

NMCI13650: Research on Breakdown Characteristics of Oil-paper Insulation in Compound Field at Different Temperatures
Li Lin, Chen Mengyang, Zhu Xuecheng, Gao Ziwei, Zhang Hongda, Li Guoxing, Zhang Jian, Yu Chunlai, Feng Yanming
Abstract: The breakdown characteristics of oil-paper insulation in AC, DC and compound field at different temperatures were studied. The breakdown mechanism of oil-paper insulation at different temperatures and…

NMCI16203: Experimental Research on Sealing Performance of Sulfur Hexafluoride Electrical Equipment under Low-temperature Environment
Li Guoxing, Li Lin, Zhang Rui, Jiang Ziqiu, Zhu Xuecheng, Gao Ziwei, Zhang Hongda, Li Guoxing, Zhang Jian
Abstract: Sealing and leakage test of sulfur hexafluoride electrical equipment was implemented under low-temperature environment according to the analysis on gas sealing methods of sulfur hexafluoride electrical equipment…

NMCI15347: Effect of physicochemical action on the aggregative properties of detonation-synthesized nanodiamonds
Fan Zhiwei, H Ilnitska, V Lysakovskyi, S Ivakhnenko and T Kovalenko
Abstract: The results of researches of physicochemical action on aggregate properties of nanodiamond are presented. The kinetics of aggregation of nanodiamond powder was studied as a function of time…

NMCI11307: Analysis of Material Parameter Effects on Fluidlastic Isolators Performance
Cheng Qi-You, Deng Jing-Hui, Feng Zhi-Zhuang, Qian Feng, Zhu Yan
Abstract: Control of vibration in helicopters has always been a complex and challenging task. The fluidlastic isolators become more and more widely used because the fluids are non-toxic, non-corrosive, nonflammable…

NMCI14854: Improved Electrochemical Property by Tungsten Coating on Si Electrode Anode in Lithium Secondary Battery
B. D. Sohn, J. K. Lee, W. Y. Yoon
Abstract: Tungsten was coated on a Si anode to enhance its electrochemical properties. W coating was conducted using physical vaporization deposition and identified by scanning electron microscopy (SEM)…

NMCI12964: Life prediction for high temperature low cycle fatigue of two kinds of titanium alloys based on exponential function
Guangyu Mu Xiaozhen Mi Feng Wang and Guodong Gao
Abstract: The high temperature low cycle fatigue tests of TC4 titanium alloy and TC11 titanium alloy are carried out under strain controlled. The relationships between cyclic stress-life and strain-life are analyzed…

NMCI15059: A study of low cycle fatigue life prediction method for 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV at 360℃
Guodong Gao, Wenxiao Zhang
Abstract: The high temperature low cycle fatigue tests of 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV are conducted under total axial strain control. The specimens are tested under fully reversed strain…

NMCI11568: Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using wolfberry fruits extract and their photocatalytic performance
L Sun, P C Lv, Y C Yin, H N Li and F Wang
Abstract: Spherical Ag nanoparticles (NPs) was synthesized using the Chinese wolfberry fruits extract (WFE) as surfactant and reductant. The hydrolysis time and the reaction time were systematically investigated…

NMCI17662: Research on influence of water-cement ratio on workability and mechanical properties of geopolymer grouting material
Xinqi Wang, Penghui Wen, Zhiwei Gao and Chaohui Wang
Abstract: To investigate the influence of water-cement ratio on the fluidity and mechanical strength of geopolymer grouting materials, the change of fluidity, compressive strength and flexural strength of…

NMCI17478: The relationship between compressive strength and flexural strength of pavement geopolymer grouting material
Lei Zhang, Xiaoxia Han, Juan Ge and Chaohui Wang
Abstract: To determine the relationship between compressive strength and flexural strength of pavement geopolymer grouting material, 20 groups of geopolymer grouting materials were prepared…

NMCI12873: Study on hydrothermal synthesis dynamics of xonotlite spherical particles
F Liu, S Chen, Q Lin, X D Wang, and J X Cao
Abstract: The xonotlite crystals were synthesized via the hydrothermal synthesis manner from CaO and SiO2 as the raw materials with their Si/Ca molar ratio of 1.0. The products were characterized by…

NMCI14733: Development of Material formula and structure property indicators for Low Cold-resistant characterization of Cables’ Material
Sun Wei, Cai Yinge, Feng Yanming, Li Yunlong, Zhou Hongyi, Zhou Yang
Abstract: Alpine regions account for about 27.9% of total land area in China. Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Northwest China and other regions are located in alpine regions, wherein the above regions are rich in energy…

NMCI18459: Effect of synthesizing temperature on the electrochemical properties of nitrogen-doped Co-B alloys
Yilin Liao, Wei Zhao, Shujun Qiu, Hailiang Chu, Yongjin Zou, Cuili Xiang, Huanzhi Zhang, Fen Xu, Lixian Sun
Abstract: Using urea as nitrogen source, nitrogen-doped Co-B alloys were prepared by chemical reduction method at different reaction temperatures (25, 50, and 75 °C). The structure and surface morphology were characterized by…

NMCI16073: Research on breakdown characteristics of converter transformer oil-paper insulation under compound electric field in alpine region
Chao Xu, Ziwei Gao, Sen Lan, Hongxu Guo and Mingchen Gong
Abstract: In the paper, existing research and operating experience was summarized. On the basis, the particularity of oil-paper insulation operation condition for converter transformer was combined for studying the influence of…

NMCI16661: Hydrothermal synthesis and photocatalytic degradation ability of nickel phosphide micro/nano materials
J S Yan, Y S E, F W He
Abstract: Ni12P5 and Ni2P catalysts were successfully synthetized by using water as solvent at a low temperature by hydrothermal method. The influence of molar ratio of P/Ni and hydrothermal reaction temperature was studied…

NMCI18208: Long term mechanical properties of alkali activated slag
J Zhu,W Z Zheng,Z Z Xu,Y F Leng,and C Z Qin
Abstract: This article reports a study on the microstructural and long-term mechanical properties of the alkali activated slag up to 180 days, and cement paste is studied as the comparison…

NMCI13569: Comparative dynamics analysis on xonotlite spherical particles synthesized via hydrothermal synthesis
F Liu, S Chen, Q Lin, X D Wang and J X Cao
Abstract: The xonotlite crystals were synthesized via the hydrothermal synthesis manner from CaO and SiO2 as the raw materials with their Si/Ca molar ratio of 1.0. Comparative dynamics analysis on xonotlite spherical particles…

NMCI16825: Numerical analysis and monitoring research on surface environment influence of waterless sand shield construction
Shang Yanliang,Shi Wenjun,Han Tongyin,Du Shouji
Abstract: The development of urban subway is becoming more and more rapid and plays an increasingly important role. The shield tunneling method has become the first choice for the construction…

NMCI17713: Influence of Temperature and Moisture Joint Action on Oil-paper Insulation Compound Electric Field Distribution
Zhang Hongda, Li Lin, Wu Mingjun, Zhou Yang, Zhang Hang, Feng Yanming
Abstract: In the paper, the electric field change in transformer oil and oil-impregnated insulation paperboard within wide temperature range (20℃~100℃) was studied. The influence law of temperature…

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